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Limited Editions - Graphite Collection

This section of the store features a range of limited edition cards. The images are all taken from highly detailed pencil drawings executed on toned paper. These unique cards are personally signed and numbered by the artist, Stephen Brown.

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They are produced to fine art standards using archival quality inks on heavy weight card stock. They are to all intents and purposes miniature limited edition prints which can be framed as a great gift or to create a small display. They are all limited editions of just 95 copies. Click on the images for more information and to buy online.

Me109K-4 of Wilhelm Batz LE21


Me109K-4 of Wilhelm Batz

Me109K-4 of Major Wilhelm Batz II./JG52, Germany 1945.

Ref: LE21

Douglas C-47 Skytrain LE20


Douglas C-47 Skytrain

C-47 ‘Whiskey 7’ prior to the D-Day landings.

Ref: LE20

Lancasters Over Lincolnshire LE19


Lancasters Over Lincolnshire

Lancasters with Lincoln cathedral in the distance.

Ref: LE19

P-47D Thunderbolt of Gabby Gabreski LE18


P-47D Thunderbolt of Gabby Gabreski

P-47D of the 61st Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group

Ref: LE18

Tiger I of Michael Wittmann LE17


Tiger I of Michael Wittmann

Ist SS Panzer Division, Ukraine, early 1944.

Ref: LE17

Fw190s of JG300 LE16


Fw190s of JG300

Lobnitz airfield early in 1945.

Ref: LE16

A Legend in the Making - Erich Hartmann LE15


A Legend in the Making - Erich Hartmann

Me109 ‘Black Tulip’ of Erich Hartmann, Russian Front.

Ref: LE15

Spitfires of 41 Squadron LE14


Spitfires of 41 Squadron

Preparing for the day’s operations, Battle of Britain.

Ref: LE14

Me109 Black 13 of Gunther Rall LE13


Me109 Black 13 of Gunther Rall

JG52 at an airfield on the Eastern Front, winter 1942.

Ref: LE13

Tigers on the Move LE12


Tigers on the Move

Michael Wittmann, Normandy 1944.

Ref: LE12

Typhoon Over the Rhine LE11


Typhoon Over the Rhine

Hawker Typhoon Mk 1B of 247 Squadron.

Ref: LE11

Through the Valley - Me262s LE10


Through the Valley - Me262s

Me262s of JV44 over Bavaria.

Ref: LE10

Me109E-4 of Adolf Galland LE09


Me109E-4 of Adolf Galland

Luftwaffe Ace Adolf Galland, JG26, Channel Front 1940.

Ref: LE09.




BAC TSR.2 prototype XR219.

Ref: LE08

Spitfire of 609 Squadron LE07


Spitfire of 609 Squadron

RAF Spitfire Mk Vb of 609 Squadron, 1941.

Ref: LE07

Spitfire of 41 Squadron LE06


Spitfire of 41 Squadron

Returning to base, Battle of Britain, 1940.

Ref: LE06

Remembrance - Bristol F.2b Fighter LE05


Remembrance - Bristol F.2b Fighter

Royal Flying Corps Bristol F.2b First World War fighter.

Ref: LE05

Remembrance - S.E.5a LE04


Remembrance - S.E.5a

Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a First World War fighter.

Ref: LE04

Me262 of JV44 LE03


Me262 of JV44

‘White 5' flown by Unteroffizier Eduard Schallmoser.

Ref: LE03

Lysander by Moonlight LE02


Lysander by Moonlight

Special Operations Executive Lysander.

Ref: LE02

Me109G-14 of Erich Hartmann LE01


Me109G-14 of Erich Hartmann

JG52 on the Russian Front.

Ref: LE01

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