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Limited Editions - Graphite Collection - Gallery Two

This section of the store features a range of limited edition cards. The images are all taken from highly detailed pencil drawings executed on toned paper. These unique cards are personally signed and numbered by the artist, Stephen Brown.



They are produced to fine art standards using archival quality inks on heavy weight card stock. They are to all intents and purposes miniature limited edition prints which can be framed as a great gift or to create a small display. They are all limited editions of just 95 copies. Click on the images for more information and to buy online.

Tornado GR4 of IX B Squadron LE39 by Stephen Brown


Tornado GR4 of IX B Squadron

RAF Panavia Tornado GR4 at Lechfeld airbase.

Ref: LE39

Mission Completed - Lancaster LE38 by Stephen Brown


Mission Completed - Lancaster

RAF Lancaster returning to its Lincolnshire base.

Ref: LE38

Long Night Ahead - Lancaster LE37 by Stephen Brown


Long Night Ahead - Lancaster

Lancaster preparing for take off.

Ref: LE37

Me262 A-1a ‘Red 13’ of Heinz Bar LE36 by Stephen Brown


Me262 A-1a ‘Red 13’ of Heinz Bar

Messerschmitt Me262 A-1a jet fighter of III./EJG2.

Ref: LE36

Me110G-4 Nightfighter of NJG1 LE35 by Stephen Brown


Me110G-4 Nightfighter of NJG1

Me110G-4 with Lichtenstein nose mounted radar.

Ref: LE35

Me262A-1a of Walter Nowotny LE34 by Stephen Brown


Me262A-1a of Walter Nowotny

Messerschmitt Me262A-1a Achmer 1944.

Ref: LE34

Me109G-6 of Hermann Graf LE33 by Stephen Brown


Me109G-6 of Hermann Graf

Me109G-6 ‘Green 1’ of Major Hermann Graf, JG50.

Ref: LE33

P-51D Mustang of Chuck Yeager LE32 by Stephen Brown


P-51D Mustang of Chuck Yeager

P-51D Mustang ‘Glamorous Glen III’.

Ref: LE32

Spitfire Mk Vb LE31 by Stephen Brown


Spitfire Mk Vb

RAF Spitfire taxiing before take off.

Ref: LE31

Spitfire FR Mk XIVe of Johnnie Johnson LE30 by Stephen Brown


Spitfire FR Mk XIVe of Johnnie Johnson

Spitfire FR Mk XIVe of 127 Wing, 2nd TAF Germany 1945.

Ref: LE30

Gloster Meteor F8 LE29 by Stephen Brown


Gloster Meteor F8

Gloster Meteor F8 of RAF 56 Squadron.

Ref: LE29

Hawker Hurricane of Bob Stanford Tuck LE28 by Stephen Brown


Hawker Hurricane of Bob Stanford Tuck

Hurricane of 257 Squadron, early 1941.

Ref: LE28

Hurricane Scramble - Douglas Bader LE27 by Stephen Brown


Hurricane Scramble - Douglas Bader

Hurricane of 242 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

Ref: LE27

Jaguar of 41 Squadron LE26 by Stephen Brown


Jaguar of 41 Squadron

Sepecat Jaguar GR 1A of 41 Sqn, RAF Coltishall.

Ref: LE26

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