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This section of the store is dedicated to pre World War 2 military subjects. Most of the cards are available mounted and framed. Click on the image for more information and to buy online.

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A Time to Remember by Stephen Brown


A Time To Remember

Stephen Brown
A 1917 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a.

Superstars Of '36 by Lee Lacey


Superstars of ‘36

Lee Lacey
Spitfire prototype with 1936 SS100 Jaguar.

Glorious Nimrods by Roger Middlebrook


Glorious Nimrods

Roger Middlebrook
Hawker Nimrods flying from HMS Glorious in the 1930s.

Welcoming Committee by Lee Lacey


Welcoming Committee

Lee Lacey
Gloster Gladiator with MGTA.

SE5A - Prepare for the Show


SE5A “Prepare for the Show”

Patricia Forrest
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A fighter.

Gladiators over Arundel Castle by Patricia Forrest


Gladiators over Arundel Castle

Patricia Forrest
Gloster Gladiators of 72 Squadron.

A Tiger's Purr


A Tiger’s Purr

Roy Garner
A de Havilland Tiger Moth RAF trainer.

Evening Spin


Evening Spin

Roy Garner
Ryan PT-22 trainer in pre war USAAF markings.

Follow the Leader


Follow the Leader

Bob Murray
RAF Hawker Furies of No. 1 Squadron.

Early Morning Preparations by Robin Smith


Early Morning Preparations

Robin Smith
R.E.8s of No. 69 Squadron RFC.

Legendary Trainer by Keith Woodcock


Legendary Trainer

Keith Woodcock
de Havilland Tiger Moth trainer of 10 EFTS.

Gloster Gamecock by keith Woodcock


Gloster Gamecock

Keith Woodcock
Gloster Gamecock of 43 Sqn, the 'Fighting Cocks'.

Vickers Virginia by Keith Woodcock


Vickers Virginia

Keith Woodcock
Vickers Virginia Mk X of 10 Sqn over Stonehenge.

First Solo by David Gibbings


First Solo

David Gibbings
RAF Tiger Moth pilot trainer.

Photo Survey Malaya by Roger Middlebrook


Photo Survey Malaya

Roger Middlebrook
RAF Fairey IIID.

Travellers by Anthony Cowland


Travellers - SOLD OUT

Anthony Cowland
RAF Airco DH9as in the Middle East.

Stearman by Richard Wheatland



Richard Wheatland
Boeing Stearman N2S-2 US Navy trainer.

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