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This section of the store is dedicated to World War 2 military subjects. Most of the cards are available mounted and framed. Click on the image for more information and to buy online.

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Bomber County - a Familiar Sound by Robin Smith


Bomber County - a Familiar Sound

Robin Smith
Lancaster returning to base in Lincolnshire.

Eight Merlins over Windermere by Robin Smith


Eight Merlins over Windermere

Robin Smith
British and Canadian restored Lancasters together.

One Way Ticket by Robin Smith


One Way Ticket

Robin Smith
Hurricane on a merchant ship catapult.

Patrolling the Needles by Roger Middlebrook


Patrolling the Needles

Roger Middlebrook
Spitfires of 609 Sqn.

Everything Down by Alex Hamilton


Everything Down

Alex Hamilton
Mosquito on final approach.

Glory Days by Roger Murray


Glory Days

Roger Murray
Spitfires of 72 Sqn.

Foxtrot Finals by Alex Hamilton


Foxtrot Finals

Alex Hamilton
Lancaster on final approach.

Stick to Me Like Glue by Alex Hamilton


Stick to Me Like Glue

Alex Hamilton
Spitfires of 54 Squadron.

Tally Ho! by Alex Hamilton


Tally Ho!

Alex Hamilton
Hurricanes of 85 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

Yorkshire Greys by Chris French


Yorkshire Greys

Chris French
Handley-Page Halifaxes.

72 Squadron Heading Home by Patricia Forrest


72 Squadron Heading Home

Patricia Forrest
Spitfires during the Battle of Britain.

Autumnal Reflections by Patricia Forrest


Autumnal Reflections

Patricia Forrest
Mosquito of 105 Squadron.

Covert Arrival by Patricia Forrest


Covert Arrival

Patricia Forrest
Westland Lysander on a secret mission.

A Well Earned Break by Trevor Mitchell1


A Well Earned Break

Trevor Mitchell
Harvesting scene with Spitfire Vbs of 303 Sqn.

Dig for Victory by Trevor Mitchell


Dig for Victory

Trevor Mitchell
Ploughing scene with Spitfires of 610 Sqn, 1940.

Fingers Crossed by Trevor Mitchell


Fingers Crossed

Trevor Mitchell
Farmyard scene with Avro Lancaster.

Friends Far From Home by Trevor Mitchell


Friends Far From Home

Trevor Mitchell
Harvesting scene with USAAF B-17 bombers.

Harvesting Victory by Trevor Mitchell


Harvesting Victory

Trevor Mitchell
Harvesting scene with Spitfire of 610 Sqn, 1940.

Ploughing for Britain by Trevor Mitchell


Ploughing for Britain

Trevor Mitchell
Ploughing scene with RAF Hurricanes, 1940.

Steady the Horses by Trevor Mitchell


Steady the Horses

Trevor Mitchell
Farmyard scene with RAF Hawker Typhoons.

The Final Furrow by Trevor Mitchell


The Final Furrow

Trevor Mitchell
Ploughing scene with RAF Lancasters.

Battle of Britain Harvest by Malcolm Root


Battle of Britain Harvest

Malcolm Root
Harvesting scene with RAF Spitfires.

Winter Ops 44 by Martin Bleasby


Winter Ops '44

Trevor Mitchell
Lancaster bombers returning to base.

Woodchurch Warbird by Richard Wheatland


Woodchurch Warbird

Richard Wheatland
P-51 Mustang displaying at an air show.

Battle of Britain by Trevor Mitchell


Battle of Britain

Trevor Mitchell
Hurricanes of 249 Squadron.

Birth of a Legend - 1936 by Jay Blakemore


The Birth of a Legend - 1936

Jay Blakemore
Prototype Spitfire K5054 on an early test flight.

Flying Fortress by Bill Perring


Flying Fortress

Bill Perring
Boeing B-17 ‘Flying Fortress’ over Suffolk, England.

Halifax by Bill Perring



Bill Perring
RAF Halifax bomber awaiting its next mission.

Squadron Salute by Bill Perring


Squadron Salute

Bill Perring
Spitfires overfly a wedding at the village church.

Pulling Together by Robin Smith


Pulling Together - SOLD OUT

Robin Smith
Land Girls and farm hands greet Spitfires.

A Summers Day Out by Allen Shufflebotham


A Summer’s Day Out

Allen Shufflebotham
Fairey Swordfish floatplane.

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